Multisuns CL-800 v2

Feature Outline

CL-800 v2 isn’t merely an 8-port box that is capable to bridge 8 different Central Office or PBX extension lines for allowing a max of 8 callers to converse in almost the same way as they are used to do in company’s meeting room. In addition, a CL-800 v2 is capable of linking up with another CL-800 v2 for expanding the bridge capability to 14 lines allowing a max of 14 callers to talk in between. Furthermore, CL-800 v2 is the box supporting direct connection with a PC thru a network cable for incorporating the Discuss II, the Multisuns particularly developed bridge software that enhances bridge capabilities with additional features like multiple meeting rooms support, phonebook, password change, automatic email notification about upcoming meeting, scheduling caller service, etc…  

CL-800 v2 coupled with Discuss II highly demonstrates speed, immediacy and convenience of meeting. Armed with CL-800 v2 and Discuss II, employees and/or clients can come together rapidly to communicate and collaborate over the phone, particularly in urgent or emergency situations. This facilitates the timely exchange of information among employees and clients and helps increase organization decision making efficiency.

CL-800 v2 allows an authorized person to use the 0-9, * and # buttons located on station/mobile phone keypad to call up an urgent meeting by having the system to help dial from its virtual meeting room to targeted attendees and forcefully inviting them join. With CL-800 v2 supervisory persons can call up a meeting over the telephone at anytime anywhere.

Discuss II can help notify target attendees by email about upcoming teleconference meetings. It can voluntarily help place calls out from CL-800 v2 to target attendees exactly before meeting start time and bring them into the meeting room upon answering of the calls. CL-800 v2 together with Discuss II reduces the total time organizations take to inform and call up a meeting.

Since CL-800 v2 is installed in-house, no additional charge will incur when setting up a teleconference meeting. In addition, calls placed from within the organization to CL-800 v2 will have no charge and calls placed from outside the organization to CL-800 v2 will have same change as normal phone calls. CL-800 v2 is an economic tool for organizations to hold a meet-me or last-minute style of conference meeting.


  • Experience in-house conferencing cost advantage
  • Reduce travel expense
  • Assure teleconferencing be truly secure
  • Complete installation in as little as 30 minutes
  • Eases on use and administration

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