DCRS Integration Support

Integration Principle

DCRS call recorder is computer device. PBX/ACD is telephony device. The software running on DCRS call recorder and the software running on user's CRM system both are computer applications, but are developed by different vendors. Integration is the process of linking together discrete devices and different vendor's software application functionally.

There are a variety of solutions that link together discrete devices and software applications functionally. Multisuns provide Open Architecture Programming Interface (OAPI), the solution that is exclusively developed for users and system integrators to accomplish system integration with minimum time and technology expenditure.

In addition to the OAPI, Multisuns also provide CTI-Ready, the software package that are readily available for pulling the user's CTI-capable telephony systems, such as NEC OAI and Genesys T-Server, and DCRS-9900 / DCRS-8000 voice loggers all together functionally. Please contact us for up-to-date supported telephony systems.

Support and Benefit of Multisuns OAPI Solution

Open Architecture Programming Interface (OAPI) is a particularly developed solution by which programmers from users or system integrators can complete interconnection between DCRS-9900 / DCRS-8000 call recorders and a telephony system over computer network with a little effort.

The Software Development Kit (SDK) that comes with OAPI provides programmers immediate resources and accesses. With the SDK, programmers can easily control "recording start and stop" of a call recorder basing on predetermined time point or condition. Plus, programmers can quickly tag all the database-style information needed by the user to every of voice recordings. Furthermore programmers can add effortless search and replay functions to the user's existing desktop application, allowing call center's site administrator to undertake live monitoring of calls and voice reproduction at his/her seat.

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