Singularity of DCRS Security

Preface for Security Features

More and more organizations are seeking for the solutions that help assure to comply with all applicable regulations and laws governing personal privacy, confidentiality of information and financial commodity.  Multisuns Corporation continue to provide customers the solutions that address these needs.

Login Authentication and User Account Control

Every of DCRS products supports login authentication, user-specific profiles and access permissions.  The system administrator is free to add a new user, delete a user, assign a user to a group using templates, or define restricted area.  Through indepedant user account setting, the administrator can restrict a user to, say check up his calls only, or calls of particular channels or groups.

Audit Trail Support

DCRSOP gives enterprise-wide administrators the access of knowing who has accessed which DCRS unit and what operations he or she has performed during a given period of time as it silently monitors the user's operations and can centralize the records of the operations to the Audit Trail Center, a particular database hosted by a separate PC of corporate headquarter.  For accomplishing full range of support, DCRSOP can be applied to DCRS-9900, DCRS-8000, BestLink, DCRS Client, SClient, CASClient and other DCRS products. 

Access Restrction for Windowed Mode

DCRS-9900 and DCRS-8000 call recorder software takes over the whole monitor screen since it starts loading.  However this whole screen layout strategy can't stop experienced Microsoft Windows users from calling for Task Manager, Desktop or other windowed mode as these Windows functional modules are accessible from keyboard hotkey.

Keyboard SoftLock is designed to lock keyboard hotkey specifically. Once it was installed, unauthorized users can't leave the full screen mode of DCRS-9900 or DCRS-8000 and enter into Task Manager, Desktop or any windowed mode, challenging recording data security or system configuration. Only authorized persons can.

Nationwide System Security

How do the enterprise-wide administrators assure every of DCRS-9900 and DCRS-8000 call recorders in remote sites is in service without troubles?  How do they know the BestLink installed inside the server room isn't down right now?

MonView is designed to give enterprise-wide administrators at their PC's monitor screen to visualize every of DCRS products including DCRS-9900, DCRS-8000 and BestLink being in service or out-of-service .

InfoView is supplied to give enterprise-wide administrators an access to login Error Message Center to search for and view the error message records of all available call recorders.

RaidMon is made to monitor RAID-1 hard disk condition of DCRS-9900, DCRS-8000 and BestLink around the clock. With RaidMon, the enterprise-wide administrators will receive a warning email message, knowing that which unit has occurrence of RAID-1 hard disk errors.

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