What Is EULS Web Access?

Introduction to EULS Web Access

EULS Web Access is the EULS web client by which authorized users can access to any of network connected EULS servers for sending data to and receiving data from. It is run in today's most popular Internet Explorer that is available on virtually every Windows computer "out of the box."

Every individual EULS-3000, EULS-3000S and BestLink is made to run a web server and a set of specially designed documents containing Javascript as soon as Windows startup process is done. Simply by entering IP address of a EULS server to the address bar of Internet Explorer, users can receive rich dynamic contents and interactive features as outlined in following sections.

Monitor Live Calls and Playback Recordings in Internet Explorer

With EULS Web Access, authorized users can sit in front of their own computers to access an EULS Call Recorder to visualize the status of all available channels including "idle" or "call in progress" or "being recorded" in real-time on-line basis and listen to the call conversation of any of call progressing channels instantly.

By navigating the Player page, authorized users can search for and playback immediately what was the last call or what were the calls 2 years ago.  With the EULS Web Access, users can search for vast number of calls using desired search criteria such as date, time, channel, agent name, Caller ID, dialed number and etc and initiate voice replay directly from search result screen.

The Player page of EULS Web Access also allows authorized users to access to the BestLink server, if available, to search for and replay the voice archives that are originally stored in two or more different EULS-3000 and/or EULS-3000S.

View Call Statistics and Check up Logs in Internet Explorer

By running a Internet Explorer, authorized users can view the call statistics, and can also check up the system logs that include user operation logs, kill file logs, backup logs and error logs. The statistical call metadata of any available EULS-3000 and EULS-3000S can be presented in chart or graph format, whichever user prefers. All information is in real-time, allowing enterprises to respond quickly when required.

Configure User Accounts in Internet Explorer

By running a Internet Explorer, system administrator can access to any available EULS-3000 and EULS-3000S for adding new users, deleting old users, and assign access permission in per user basis. All these jobs can be done in Internet Explorer quickly and conveniently.

Run System Configuration in Internet Explorer

By running a Internet Explorer, installers or resellers can access to any remote EULS-3000 and EULS-3000S and help configure hardware components and system global settings. When needed, installers or resellers can run EULS system software upgrade remotely too.

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